There's Another 'Best Man' Sequel on the Way

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For those not familiar with the franchise, the success of the "Best Man Holiday" 14 years after the release of the original came as a surprise. Those who follow the film industry just could not seem to understawnd why audiences flocked to catch up with the educated, upwardly mobile group of friends.

To date "The Best Man Holiday" has grossed over $70 million dollars while being shown in less than 1000 theaters. That's a remarkable feat.

Director Malcolm D. Lee made sure the film had something for everything, so hearing another installment is on the way is less than surprising.

Morris Chesnutt confirmed that there's a remake in progress.

“As of right now, Malcom Lee, the writer/ director, is writing another [Best Man],” he stated in his interview with a Connecticut radio station host.

“[Malcom] has only told me about a few of the details for the movie… but I do not know who Terrence is gonna marry,” he said. “All I know is, it’s gonna be really interesting.”

So there you have it. Prepare yourself for another emotional rollercoaster filled with gorgeous Black people in a couple of years.

Are you excited about the sequel?


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