Sandra Bland's Mother: "I'm Ready...This Means War"

Sandra Bland's mother, Geneva Reed-Veal shared stories of her time with her daughter at a memorial service for Bland at Johnson Phillip All Faiths Church on Prairie View A&M’s campus.
Over 100 people joined Bland's family to honor her life, Houston Chronicle reports. A traffic stop in Waller County led to her death in jail three days later.

Reed-Veal spoke at the end of the service and recounted a trip she and Bland took to Memphis, TN over the July Fourth weekend. She said Bland was excited about her upcoming job interview at Prairie View A&M.

Reed-Veal said Bland told her, "Now I know what my purpose is. My purpose is to go back to Texas, my purpose is to stop all social injustice in the South."

Reed-Veal addressed Bland's reported suicide saying, "There is not anywhere that I can see that my baby took her own life."

Bland mother plans to continue Bland's fight against social injustice. "Once I put this baby in the ground," said Bland's mother, "I'm ready...this means war."