This Haunting Photo Series Turns Trash into Fashion to Raise Awareness About Pollution

The African country of Senegal is plagued by terrible pollution. To highlight the country's widespread environmental crisis, photographer Fabrice Monteiro and costume designer Doulsy (Jah Gal) collaborated to create a series of photographs featuring trash as high fashion on Senegalese women.

The series titled "The Prophecy" is composed of surreal photos featuring women emerging from the apocalyptic-like polluted environments wearing garbage and debris found around the site. "I wanted to create a tale for kids," Monteiro says in a documentary about the project. "For that I had to build a bridge between art and tradition."
Images from the series are currently presented in the exhibition ‘Africa: Architecture, Culture and Identity’ at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

View images from the series below.

Photos: Fabrice Monteiro