Black-Owned Beauty Store Takes Root in Ferguson

It's been more than a year since Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and allowed his lifeless body to lie in the street for four hours. Since that day, Ferguson has been embroiled in unrest, and Wilson has been cleared of all charges related to the killing of Michael Brown, Jr.

But the people of Ferguson continue to move forward. Two of them are the Gathungus who've opened KZK Beauty Supply on W. Florrisant to replace those that were previously Korean-owned that were burned in the early days of the Ferguson uprising.

The Gathungus saw the opportunity and began to explore their options. “We know there is great opportunity in owning one of these stores. However, we didn’t quite know how to get into the business. We decided to do some internet research and found that there was a conference in Atlanta coming up, hosted by Beauty Supply Institute. So we chose to make the long drive there and attend the 2-day conference. After that, we learned how to safely get into the business, so we did it.”

The Beauty Supply Institute provided the Gathungus with the guidance they needed to get the business off the ground, and now the Gathungus say they're ready to bring some change to Ferguson.

"We actually felt that our city could use some positive momentum," the said. "Once we saw the other stores destroyed, we knew that those looters of the other stores would eventually realize they needed somewhere to buy their beauty supplies. We felt that we would now become their trusted source.”

h/t Black America Web

Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Gathungu