Jenean Hampton Is the First Black Person Elected to Statewide Office In Kentucky

Lt. Gov.-elect Jenean Hampton is the first black person to be elected to statewide office in Kentucky, The Washington Post reports. Hampton, a Black republican, identifies with the tea party movement.

"The RLGA is particularly proud to have supported Jenean Hampton, a candidate whose passion and dedication to public service surfaced long before she ran for elected office. An Air Force veteran, businesswoman, and active civic leader, her character and experience speak for themselves. Kentucky made the right choice today,” RSLC President Matt Walter said in a statement on behalf of the Republican Lieutenant Governors Association.
Hampton is a Detroit native who spent seven years writing code and managing software for the U.S. Air Force. After being honorably discharged, Hampton spent 19-year years in the corrugated-packing industry. Hampton has been described as a political outsider, she ran for her first political office in 2014 but lost. This year, Hampton was named in the Republican State Leadership Committee's "15 in '15: Races to Watch."