Sandra Bland's Family Settles for $1.9 Million

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The attorney for Sandra Bland's family confirmed that they have reached a $1.9 million settlement in their wrongful death suit against the police department that pulled her over in July 2015.

According to CNN, Not only will Waller County, Texas police agree to a payout, they've consented to make changes to their procedures which came under question after video of the stop emerged.
Bland was arrested, after a lengthy confrontation with state Brian Encinia, for failing to signal a turn. She was found dead in her cell three days later.

As a part of the settlement, "the Waller County judge will be seeking passage of state legislation for more funding for local jails regarding intake and booking, screening and other jail support," family attorney Cannon Lambert said.

Video of Bland's arrest sparked a national outcry. Though her death was ruled a suicide, her family continues to dispute the findings. Investigations found that the jail failed to check on inmates in a timely manner.

No one was fired in connection to Bland's death, but Encinia was eventually fired.