Black Women Express Outrage Over New "Tone Deaf," "White-Washed" SheaMoisture Ad

 photo hair.jpg
Beauty brand SheaMoisture has come under fire for a new ad that many Black women say is "white-washed." The 60 second spot features three women, one Black woman with light skin and long, curly hair, a blonde white woman and a white woman with red hair,  discussing the difficulties they've faced because of their hair's texture and/or color. The women discuss how they've overcome the "hair hate" with the help of the brand's products.

This messaging didn't sit well with Black women who noticed the absence of women with darker skin and courser textures. On Twitter and Facebook, they've expressed their disapproval.

This isn't the first time the company, founded in 1991, has been accused of sidelining Black women recently. Two weeks ago, the brand posted a message to its core group of customers that addressed concerns about the brand's shift in focus.

“We share the same concerns, disappointment and angst that our community has every time our support helps to grow a business and it forgets its roots. Rest assured, we will never forget our roots and we will always hold up our community,” the statement reads.