Great Gifts: Legacies - A Guide for Young Black Women in Planning Their Future

 photo legacies.png
Authors send me their books all the time, but rarely do I fall in love with the mission or the execution of book the way I fell for Legacies.

The book, edited by Constance Gipson and Dr. Hazel Mahone, seeks to accomplish many things and succeeds. It is, at once, at historical and motivational text that empowers young women by sharing the stories of African Queens and successful Black women throughout history.

Beautiful artwork and photographs illustrate our brilliant history while iconic poems from women like Maya Angelou and Alice Walker celebrate our resilience.

In addition to the creative offerings, the book contains interactive exercises and worksheets to help young women learn valuable lessons on a variety of topics from self-esteem to career planning.

Here's a look inside of the book:

This is a brilliant book for teenage and young adult women. At $40, it is a bit pricey, but the 320 pages of thought-provoking insight are well worth it. Purchase your copy here.

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