Get Your Hands on One of these Dope Pieces from Designs by Bolaji

We love Designs by Bolaji.

Not only does Bolaji hold two Harvard degrees, but she's also a skilled artisan. Her beautiful hand-painted furniture features portraits of women adorned with afros and jewelry.

On her website for Designs by Bolaji, she explains how she began working with furniture.

At the end of my Master’s program, in the midst of writing my final papers, I found my way back to art through a different medium—furniture.

Honestly, I painted my first table as a result of having acquired a hideous pale blue table that clashed with the color scheme of my apartment. I decided to spray paint the table black. After butchering the spray-painting job, I decided to cover my errors with a design—a butterfly. This was the genesis of my furniture-painting journey.

Fortunately for us, she's sharing her talents.

You can purchase one of Bolaji's standard end or coffee tables or commission a custom design. Here are some of the available designs.

Purchase your piece here.

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