18-Year-Old Producer, Wondagurl, Lands Two Beats on Drake's Latest Project

Wondagurl, the 18-year-old producer who crafted “Company” and “Used To” off Drake’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late project, can thank Instagram for at least one of her placements on the surprise drop.

That’s because she used IG’s direct message feature to get “Used To” over to Drake.

“I made the beat at my house and then I finished it at a studio,” Wondagurl told MTV News during a phone interview on Saturday, just three days after Drizzy dropped his latest. “When I finished it, I sent Drake a video through Instagram, through the Direct Message that they have on there. I sent him the video and asked, ‘Would you rap on this?’ He said it was really hard, but to send it. So, I sent it and it turned into [‘Used To’].”
The song is another example of how dreams can come true. In 2013, after producing Jay Z’s “Crown,” Wondagurl told MTV News that she wanted to work with Drake. Now, she’s worked with Drizzy multiple times. But the 18-year-old isn’t content with just this dream coming true. She’s got her sights set on another star, too.

“It’s good,” she said of her Drake dream becoming a reality. “It keeps making me want to work harder. Then I’ll get closer to all my other dreams, too. I’ll get closer to Kanye [West].”

Photo credit: Danica Samuel