10 Reasons Why Black-ish's Diane is Our New Favorite

ABC's Black-ish became a favorite as soon as it debuted last fall. The show is a progressive family comedy about race and class in the 21st century.

The cast, lead by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, is great, and our favorite is little Marsai Martin who plays  7-year-old Diane. She's a stand out for her impeccable delivery of some of the show's funniest one-liners.

Here's why we love her.

1. She's full of surprises.

2. She's in touch with her feelings.

3. She gets right to the point.

4. She knows fashion.

5. She just can't.

6. She possesses a healthy skepticism.

7. She exercises all of her options.

8. She's wise beyond her years.

9. She's learning tough lessons

10. She always tells the truth.

More Diane please. Long live Diane!

Kimberly Foster is the founder and editor of For Harriet. Email or