Beyoncé Shares More Photos of the Gorgeous Knowles-Lawson Wedding

Beyoncé's mother, Tina, got married in a gorgeous sunset wedding to beau Richard Lawson on April 12. The happy couple gave an exclusive interview to people on the nuptials, but her superstar daughter shared even more snaps from the affair on her website.

The photos are filled with joy, love, and lots of familiar faces. Check them out.
 photo knowleslawson1.png
 photo knowleslawson4.png
 photo knowleslawson2 - Copy.png
 photo knowleslawson3.png
 photo knowleslawson6.png
 photo knowleslawson5.png
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 photo knowleslawson10.png
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 photo knowleslawson18.png
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 photo knowleslawson21.png
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 photo knowleslawson26.png
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 photo knowleslawson29.png

Photo Credit: Cliff Watts