Black Girls Rock Founder Launches Leadership Conference for Teens

Black Girls Rock has become a preeminent organization for centering the needs of Black girls, and they're continuing the mission with the creation of Black Girls Lead conference. The conference, headed by Black Girls Rock founder Beverly Bond, will accept 60 girls age 13-17. Over 4 days in New York City, the girls will be exposed to incredible opportunities.

BLACK GIRLS LEAD is designed to advance young women’s leadership development, critical thinking skills, academic achievement, civic engagement, and philanthropy. Founder Beverly Bond said, “Since its inception BLACK GIRLS ROCK! has been committed to empowering girls to lead by giving them the tools needed to find their voice, define their truth, own their agency, and honor their calling. The BLACK GIRLS LEAD conference allows us to expand our reach by giving even more girls access to our innovative programs and empowering ideals.” Bond added, “The overall goal of this leadership conference is to host a ‘meeting of the minds’ amongst young people who have displayed excellence individually, but who will also benefit from our pedagogy which highlights teamwork and collective responsibility for emerging thought leaders and active change agents.”

Sounds incredible. Sign up here.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /