9 Black Women Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

by Dalila Thomas

Instagram has become ubiquitous with the contemporary social media experience. It’s a powerful digital media tool that has had an incredible impact. Beyond using the app to share personal photos and videos with friends and loved ones, many personalities and brands have incorporated Instagram into their promotional efforts. While the site is extremely popular with fashion and lifestyle bloggers and brands, people often forget Instagram is a great way to discover talented emerging visual artists. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most promising Black women artists and photographers doing it for the ‘Gram. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Stephanie Whittaker (@swhittakerrec)

Stephanie Whittaker has been drawing since the age of three, and had become an entrepreneur by the age of 11, so it’s safe to say this Panamanian painter was destined for greatness. Last year the artist utilized Instagram to host a full-on art show, displaying her collection of Black women portraits, which she fittingly titled “Woman.”

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2. Christin McQueen (@christinshootspeople)

Christin McQueen is a Houston-based photographer who does exactly what her Instagram handle implies: she “shoots people,” including a lot of adorable little kids and babies. When you visit her profile, prepare to swoon and be overcome with a serious case a baby fever.

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3. Michelle Robinson (@mister_michelle)

One word to describe this talented lady’s art: Bold. Robinson’s work is all about women, which her profile explicitly states is her main subject. Beyond doing prints, she also paints handbags, and is most popularly known for her “Let Me Straddle Your Mind” piece.

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4. Melina Matsoukas (@msmelina)

If you’re a member of the BeyHive, you’ve probably seen her work. Melina Matsoukas is the creative video director and mastermind behind Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” music video and the On the Run Tour trailer. She’s been in the game nearly ten years, and has worked with big names including Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and Whitney Houston (just to name a few).

5. Bianca deBardelaben (@biancaxunise)

This Chi-Town artist is best known for her cartoons featured in “Bianca’s Drawing Room,” as well as those featured on the popular women’s website HelloGiggles. Her work is witty and relatable to young women.

6. Vashtie Kola (@Vashtie)

Most folks know her as Downtown’s Sweetheart. This lady has a plethora of talents, including video directing and filmmaking. She’s even the first female to design a Jordan. Kudos, Kola, keep doing your thang!

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7. Sam Lao (@samwiththehair)

This Dallas based beauty is best known for her music (and hair), but don’t sleep on her art. She’s been painting over five years, which is longer than she’s been gracing the stage. Lao uses painting as a form of meditation to overcome creative blocks when she’s writing songs. Even with a blossoming career, she has some projects set to release in the summer.

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8. Chrissy Brimmage (@ChrissythaBlack)

This talented woman is a self-taught artist, whose work packs a lot of punch. She credits her unique style with being inspired by a trip she took to Thailand, which caused her to change the way she saw art.

A photo posted by Chrissy Brimmage (@chrissythablack) on

9. Catrina Long (@FroedOutBarbie)

Catrina Knoxville is a Tennessee based artist who got her inspiration from her mother, who taught her to pay attention to detail at a young age. She relayed that concept to her drawings and went on to get a Master's degree in Art Education at the University of Tennessee. These days she gets her inspiration from observing everyday people and situations.

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Photo: Chrissy Brimmage / Instagram

Dalila Thomas is a regular contributor to For Harriet.