#ArtHoe Movement Makes Bold Statement on Erasure of Black Women in Art

The #ArtHoe movement backed by teen stars Amandla Stenberg and Willow Smith is taking over social media creating a new dialogue in the art world about cultural and gender stereotypes.
This new movement, popular on tumblr and instagram, features selfies of Black women against bold and sometimes abstract backgrounds. This might not seem revolutionary but the young women who started and participate the movement seek to use artistic expression to combat cultural and gender stereotypes.
“Usually there is a myriad of stereotypes pertaining to POC. How black people can't be delicate, how latinx are no good but for cleaning and having a smart mouth... Non binary people of colour don't really have a stable platform where they can prove and show what they're capable of without being questioned about their identity.” says Mars, the 15-year-old founder of the #ArtHoe movement tells Dazed.

For many the altered selfies have become a way to express themselves in a safe inclusive space.“We made this movement inclusive for everyone,” Mars explains. “The reason why we made this is so everyone can participate in it and have a place to call home.”

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