Octavia Butler's Sci-Fi Novel 'Dawn' to be Adapted for TV

Dawn, the first book in Butler's Lilith's Brood series is being developed for TV by producer Allen Bain.

"Dawn" will be the first television series developed under Bain's new Bainframe sci-fi banner. The sci-fi novel is tells the story of the emending extinction of the human race with the only chance being mating with an alien species to create a new race.
Bain told Shadow and Act that the project will feature a diverse cast filling the gap of unrepresented people of color in sci-fi. "The lead of this book is an African-American female and the lead of the TV show should be the same. And I think it's important to bring together a team behind the scenes that represents the multicultural aspects of the book, because that's what the book is about," he said.

The TV show will stick closely to the originally material Bain says. "I definitely want to stay true to the material and honor the legacy of Octavia Butler, because I think that's important and I do think that's possible in 2015. I think my predecessors have broken a lot of ground in television and the distribution channels have changed, so you can actually make TV now that you couldn't 15 years ago."
You can read more of his interview with Shadow and Act here.