15 Times We Were Overwhelmed by #BlackGirlMagic in 'The Wiz Live!'

by Kimberly Foster @KimberlyNFoster
Beautiful Black women lit up the screen during last night's production of The Wiz Live! Not only was the show an incredible production from top to bottom, but it's rare that we get to see so many talented Black women together on network TV.

We were genuinely overwhelmed by the #BlackGirlMagic. Here's why.

The first time the original Dorothy, Stephanie Mills, showed up.

When the old and new Dorothy shared love. 

When Addaperle came in to get Dorothy together. 

The first time Dorothy sang and sounded just like Stephanie Mills.

When Dorothy got buck with the Crows.

When Dorothy molly-wopped the mean old lion

When the poppies were bad as hell

When they vogued in the Emerald City

When The Wiz turned out to be a she cha cha'd real smooth

When Evilene was too through.

When it was a brand new day and Dorothy danced her tail off.

When Dorothy gave us some light work feminism

When The Wiz gave us some Black auntie wisdom

When Glinda the Good Witch came to bless our lives. 

When Dorothy slayed 'Home' during the finale.