Amandla Stenberg Voted Feminist Celebrity of the Year

There's not a day that goes by where I do not wish 17-year-old Amandla Sternberg were my real life little sister. The Hunger Games actress has held it down for young Black feminists many times despite the public scrutiny she endures.

For her efforts, Amandla was voted Feminist Celebrity of the Year in an online poll by the Ms. Foundation for Women.
[Amandla Stenberg Discusses Her Role as An Advocate for Black Girls with Melissa Harris-Perry]

At her young age, Stenberg has shown a impressive understanding of oppressive power dynamics and been unapologetic in her defenses of marginalized people. We first came to love her warrior spirit in this video about cultural appropriation.

She took on Kylie Jenner's co-opting of Black hairstyles on Instagram, an continues to demonstrate a better knowledge of what, exactly, feminism is than most adults.

That's why we're here for this vote. Congratulations, Amandla!

Photo: Helga Esteb /