Black Bartender Wins $687,000 After Jury Finds Owner Preferred "White Blonde Chicks"

by Clarissa Brooks

Briggitta Hardin, a Howard Grad student, recently won her 2010 case against Penn Quarter for racial discrimination. She was awarded $687,000 in damages by a federal court for damages.
Mick Dadlani, owner of Redline DC LLC, was found guilty of violating Hardin’s civil rights in early December 2010. Hardin says Dadlani refused to shake her hand upon their first meeting because she was Black and was fired an hour after meeting Dadlani.

However, the case was mostly lead by the broad range of incidents of discrimination that occurred with Dadlani as the owner. Specifically Dadlani told his then employees of his hiring preferences and an incident when Dadlani shut down the bar early in order to get rid of a crowd of black customers.

The case grew out of a complaint to the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, which was a co-counseled for Hardin.

One witness spoke of Redline racially profiling patrons at the door, turning away unwanted customers using a fake list of guest names for a nonexistent private party.

The verdict is “vindication for Ms. Hardin who has been waiting years and years,” Megan Cacace, Hardin’s lawyer says. “It is certainly valuable to her that she was heard, but once you’ve had that experience you can’t take it back and it’s never going to go away.”

Photo: Hardin Family via Washington Post