16 Rihanna Gifs That Perfectly Capture Just How Over It We Are

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Rihanna is never afraid to speak her mind. That's why we love her. Over the years she's taken many opportunities to let the world know how she's feeling with her words and her face.  Take a look at just a few of the times she captured exactly how we're feeling. Because sometimes you just can't
When you can't believe the foolishness you're seeing

When someone annoying just will not shut up

When someone has one more time to try you

When you have to gather your strength not to cuss someone out

When someone tries to play you like you're stupid

When you gotta check to see who the hell he's talking to

When your trifling ex walks in

When someone is playing on your phone

When someone asks you a question they already know the answer to

When you're arguing and you know you wrong, but you'll be damned if you admit it

When someone is getting a little bit too familiar

When someone is killing the vibe with their stupidity
When you need a moment to process the foolishness

When someone interrupts you with something stupid

When your friend tells you she'll be ready in five minutes, and you know she's lying

When you were trying to be nice but someone took it one step too far