Daniel Holtzclaw's Victims Want to Sue Him for Damages But They Can't Find Him

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Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted of sexually assaulting women while on duty. He was sentenced to 263 years in prison for rape, sexual battery and other charges in December.

This month seven of Holtzclaw's victims have filed a federal lawsuit against him and city officials that alleges the city and police department neglected to properly monitor or train the officer. They also allege that the department did not investigate allegations or abuse or misconduct adequately.
The Associated Press Reports, "Online U.S. District Court records indicate that efforts to serve Holtzclaw with the lawsuit have been unsuccessful because he can't be located within the state prison system."

A spokesman for the Oklahoma state prison system, Terri Watkins, told the AP that they will work with attorneys to serve Holtzlaw. "They're going to work it out," she said.

Holtzclaw has been moved from an Oklahoma state prison, but prison officials refuse to disclose his current location. They cite concerns for his safety.

For Harriet's requests for comment from the attorneys representing Holtzclaw's victims were not immediately returned.