Azealia Banks Says Beyoncé's Lemonade is the "Antithesis of What Feminism is"

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The world is still reeling from the sonic and visual onslaught of Beyoncé's sixth studio album Lemonade. While the coverage has been overwhelmingly positive, the project hasn't received rave reviews from everyone.

Rapper Azealia Banks took to her Twitter account to air her frustrations about the project. Banks says the album regurgitates old, harmful tropes about "heartbroken" Black women.

According to Azealia, the pro-Black feel of Lemonade doesn't gibe with the works she's put out in the past.

But, ultimately, it seems Banks is upset that Queen Bey stole parts of the narrative and imagery she used in Lemonade from her. Azealia has long been open about her practice of West African spiritualities.

These comments are a far cry from her previous thoughts about the visual album. Just after it aired, her praise was effusive.

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