West Point Clears Black Women Cadets of Wrong Doing in Viral Photo

 photo 635979918593929460-black-lives-matter.jpg
A photo of 16 Black women students at The United States Military Academy at West Point  holding up raised fists went viral, sparking an investigation from the university.

Detractors claimed that the girls were violating military provisions banning political statements while in uniform.

But the photo was one of about 20 the women took according to Brenda Sue Fulton, a graduate of West Point, and the chairman of the Academy's Board of Visitors.

The university's inquiry found the same according to a press release.

The inquiry concluded that the photo was among several taken in the spur-of-the-moment. It was intended to demonstrate “unity” and “pride,” according to the findings of the inquiry.

The raised fists have been a show of solidarity for decades, and the findings found “that based upon available evidence none of the participants, through their actions, intended to show support for a political movement.”