Oprah is Preparing to Take Over Your Kitchen With a New Line of Cooking Products

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There are few lifestyle industries Oprah hasn't successfully conquered. It looks like she'll soon be moving into the kitchen with a new line of products. Ad Age reports that the OWN-head has filed federal paperwork to trademark a variety of cooking goods under the brand "Oprah's Kitchen."

Oprah's team filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last month. The proposed line would be wide-ranging and include spices, almonds, olive oil and desserts, complete meals and pet treats.

A food line seems like a natural move for Oprah who bought 10% of Weight Watchers in 2015. But her name and the exposure she's given the brand haven't rescued the company from its precarious financial situation. The company has added subscribers, but continued to lose money in the first quarter of 2016.

The losses, however, did little to affect Oprah's bottom line. Forbes named her the richest self-made woman in California this week.

The new line could be an extension of that partnership, but there's no word on what will come out Oprah's Kitchen or when.

Photo: Shutterstock