Pot Activist Charlo Greene Now Faces 24 Years in Prison After It's Legalized

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26-year-old Charlo Greene made headlines and drew praise for quitting her Alaskan reporting job live on television with a defiant "fuck it, I quit" in 2014.

She left to become a full-time proponent of the legalization of marijuana in her state, and shortly after, Alaska became the third state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of pot in November 2014.

Despite the new law, Greene has been unable to begin a legal marijuana organization.
The law that legalized the manufacture, sale and possession of marijuana went into effect February 2015, but there were not regulations on retail operations, so the state sent undercover agents to make purchases and conduct raids.

Greene, now 28, was charged with eight counts of “misconduct involving a controlled substance" and now faces 24 years in prison.

In an interview with The Guardian, Greene said, "It could literally cost me the rest of my adult life.”

The paper reports:
Court records show that Greene was not directly involved in any of the undercover transactions, but state prosecutors solely charged her, noting that the club was registered under her name.

Cynthia Franklin, director of the state’s alcohol and marijuana control office says Greene is being prosectued for operating before the state's regulations were in place.

“These people got ahead and said, ‘We’re not going to wait.’”