Naturally Perfect Dolls Secures $200,000 Investment on Shark Tank

Angelica and Jason Sweeting recognized how important it was for her daughter to have toys that look like her, so she and her husband, Jason, created them. That pivotal recognition birthed Naturally Perfect Dolls. The company's aim is to "to let girls know that they are beautiful."

They empower girls with a line of dolls Angelica, Brielle, Camryn and Kennedy that have brown skin tones, full lips, and wider noses to reflect the true beauty of Black girls.

The idea found immediate interest on Kickstarter in 2015, easily surpassing its goal. Now the Sweetings want to grow their business.
Angelica and Jason appeared on ABC's Shark Tank to secure capital to expand operations, and they found a partner in Daymond John. John, who founded F.U.B.U., offered the team $200,000 for 40% of the company, though 10% of the equity will go to charity. He cited his mixed daughters as inspiration for the partnership. "I want them to feel beautiful," he said.

 Lack of capital is a major obstacle for the growth of Black-owned businesses, so this is an incredible win. Watch the Sweetings make a deal here.