Meet the Amazingly Talented Black Girls on Top Chef Jr.

The first season of Top Chef Jr. premiered last week, and it's already off to an incredible start.  The crew started with 12 contestants and hosts Chef Curtis Stone and Vanessa Lachey. The girls beat out hundreds of applicants to secure a spot on the show.

Jasmine, 13
Jasmine is from Charlotte, NC. She says her dream is to have a fine dining farm-to-table. Farm-to-table restaurants promote serving locally sourced foods at local restaurants.

For her first meal she cooked surf and turf eggs benedict with a vegetable salad.
Rahanna, 13
Rahanna is an Oakland native. For her first elimination challenge she cooked a cilantro-lime lamb chop, grilled zucchini and spicy trinity pureé. The judges complimented her exquisite presentation, and she won the challenge.

Top Chef Jr. airs on Fridays on Universal Kids.

Watch the first episode below.