A New Video Game is for Black Women Who Are Tired of People Touching Our Hair

Black girls and Black women are refusing to make peace with the assaults on our body we're forced to face while out in the world. While we might have to be polite about unwanted touching, stares of comments in hostile environments, there are more and more outlets to express our frustrations.

Solange released the instant classic "Don't Touch My Hair" in 2016, and now there's a brand new video game that encapsulates the struggle.

Momo Pixel says the idea for Hair Nah came to her as she was trying to describe what Black women go through.

"I was trying to explain what it’s like when someone touches your hair to my
bosses, and one of them started trying to imitate it," she told For Harriet. "He was ducking and swatting. While watching him I was like, "This would make a hilarious game."

Over the course of 10 months, she worked with developer Trent Johnson to make it happen.  Starting in February, a team began work on all the things required for a successful game including, art direction, ux/ui, music production and animation.

The final product is dedicated to all Black women, and that's made evident by the inclusion of a diverse array of hairstyles.

"I tried to pull inspiration from all of us," Pixel told us. "So there is one style that is made to look like
Maxine Waters. One to look like ya auntie. One looks like Megan Good. One is “the big chop”. Or the look you have when you get a fresh relaxer."

Swatting away white hands is cathartic for anyone whose had to dodge them, but there's something in it for the perpetrators too.

"I wanted this game to be a teaching moment for those who don’t experience it, or for those who do it," said Pixel.

Hair Nah is addictive and innovative. Play it now.