Lina Iris Viktor Says Kendrick Lamar Stole Her Art for His New Music Video

By Amelia Webster//

Last week, the video for the first single from the Black Panther soundtrack, "All The Stars," debuted to rave reviews. Directed by Kendrick Lamar and Dave Meyers, the video features Lamar and SZA  performing in varied lush African environs and ramped up the anticipation that had already reached a near fever pitch.

Lina Iris Viktor
British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor was not impressed. She told the New York Times that scenes in the video copied her artwork, namely her Constellations series, without her permission. In fact, Viktor claims representatives for Marvel and Disney reached out to to collaborate repeatedly, and she declined the requests.

Viktor is celebrated for her unique style that blends the mythic and the real. Her website describes it as "perfectly curated, puristic, and minimalist." Even a casual art fan can spot a Viktor piece because of her use of black, blue and gold.

Viktor's influence in the video is so strong, fans pointed it out shortly after its release.

Here's work from Constellations I.

Here's what's in the video.

According to her lawyer, Viktor is seeking an apology and a license fee.