Little Black Girls Deserve Positively Perfect Dolls

 photo positively.jpg
Dr. Lisa Williams knew nothing about making dolls or the toy industry when she started a company that would go on to produce Positively Perfect dolls. All she knew is that she wanted to create a product that would build the self-esteem of little Black girls.

The dolls that come in a variety of shades are now sold in Walmart. The company that Dr. Williams began to uplift brown girls is now worth millions. Little black girls deserve dolls that look like them.
Take a look at the collection of Positively Perfect dolls.

 photo DivahAbrielle640x800-500x625.jpg

 photo DivahDiana640x800-500x625.jpg

 photo DivahZair640x800-500x625.jpg

 photo MarvelousMaria640x800-500x625.jpg

 photo DarlingDana640x800-500x625.jpg

 photo DivahTaylor640x800-500x625.jpg
 photo BeautifulBrianna640x800-500x625.jpg

All of the dolls are available for purchase here.


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