Stream Jazmine Sullivan's New Album

The soulful Jazmine Sullivan has come back to us! Her hiatus was almost too much to handle, but she’s back now after three years. To no one's surprise, Sullivan has been busy despite her absence and is set to release her newest album Reality Show. 

With feature productions from "Salaam Remi, Key Wane, Da Internez," and others, plus the strong hand she’s taken as the main songwriter, the album is sure to be a hit. Reality Show will not be accessible for purchase until January 13th, but COMPLEX magazine was granted an exclusive opportunity to stream her album almost a week in advance.

Sullivan tells COMPLEX this of her most recent work,

“Reality Show for me is a perfect time capsule of modern society and even shows how I've been affected by this culture . . . From my language to the choice of beats, for the most part it’s very ‘now.’ I’ll probably look back on it and say “WTF was I thinking?’ Hopefully we all do. Hopefully from here, we’ll grow into greater human beings and years later can look back at Reality Show as the soundtrack to the way we were.”

Listen to the album


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