Never Fear, “The BFF Chronicles” is Here Starring Kim Coles and Erika Alexander

Synclaire and Maxine have been officially resurrected from the 90’s TV afterlife. Okay, they’re not in character but Kim Coles and Erika Alexander are serving up some of the same comedy from Living Single in their brand new web series, The BFF Chronicles. 

The plot of the show is golden. Kim and Erika dive into one of America’s favorite pastimes: girl talk. Take two funny women chatting about random lady stuff, place them on a plain set, add a little catchy music and voila, you’ve got a recipe for pure comedy. Both actresses are great storytellers, making you feel as if you’re in on their trip down memory lane. 

Guys, there’s something for you too a little bit of raunchiness. You’ll have to use your imagination though.

The BFF Chronicles will debut a brand new episode on YouTube, every Wednesday at 12 p.m. EST / 9 a.m. PST. And if you can’t waiting until next week, they’re back for a special Valentine’s special on this Friday. You can also catch the gals Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

We are super happy to see these two neighbors back together. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that more of the original Living Single cast will join. Obie and Kyle would really make things interesting in their nonstop battle of the sexes and macho ways! What’s a party without your homegirls standing from your left to your right? Hopefully, Khadija and Regine can bring some laughs!

Watch it now!

Tyler Young is an On-Air Morning News Producer and blogger in Charlotte, N.C. She is a proud country girl from a small town in South Carolina. In Tyler’s free time you’ll catch her giving back to the community, screenwriting or watching “A Different World” reruns. Follow Tyler on Twitter: @sheistyler and at