Check Out How This Woman Recreates Disney Princess Hairstyles With Her Twists

We all know that the Disney Princess franchise isn't known for being very diverse. The princesses definitely aren't known for diversity in their hair textures. Because of this, blogger Summer Arlexis who rocks Senegalese Twists challenged herself to recreate some iconic Disney hairstyles with her twists. She also challenged Disney to create a new princess with twists or braids.

Here's a little of what she had to say:

Like most little girls, I wanted to be a Disney princess more than anything and I’m guilty of still fantasizing about it sometimes! I don’t have the thick, jet-black tresses that fell to Jasmine’s waistline. There’s no way I’d try to pull off Merida’s fire hydrant red. Don’t even get me started on the blonde bombshell that is Cinderella!
On a normal day, I’d probably think there was no way I could imitate Disney princess hair. I usually don’t enjoy styling my own hair, plus none of them were exactly rocking Senegalese twists like me. Then I thought, why not? 

Take a look at some of her fairytale hairdos below and read more on how you can get these looks here.



Snow White 




Would you rock any of Summer Arlexis' fairytale styles?