Must Listen: Willow Smith and Friend Crystal Mec Have a Hauntingly Beautiful New Track

We're big fans of Willow Smith here at For Harriet. For years, the teen has been making her mark as a spirited, intelligent Carefree Black Girl who's not afraid to dance to the beat of her own drum. In a world that is constantly trying to dim—if not straight-up extinguish—the shine of Black girls and women everywhere, we love that Willow is determined to be her authentic self and create music that represents that.

Her new song, "WEEPINGWILOUGH/LETSGOTOMECCA," available through SoundCloud, is everything we've come to expect from the lovely chanteuse. The track is a collaboration with friend and fellow talented young music artist, Crystal Mec. It features a mid-tempo electronic beat with layered, soulful lyrics about spirituality and nature. Talk about #BlackGirlExcellence!

Simply put: It's beautiful and we're digging it. Check out the track below!

What do you think? Are you fans of Willow and Crystal Mec?

Photo: Instagram

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