Maya Angelou's Birthplace is Named a Landmark in St. Louis

 Maya Angelou's birthplace, at 3130 Hickory St. in St. Louis has been named the newest landmark in the city, St. Louis Public Radio reports. The 127 year old house became home to Angelou when she was born in 1927.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen recently approved for the home to be designated as a city landmark. This designation limits the alterations the owners can make to the property.

"This modest house in a once-segregated St. Louis neighborhood helps to convey the journey Ms. Angelou made to become a renowned author, poet, performer and outspoken civil rights activist, and although Ms. Angelou's life was spent in many places in the United States and abroad, the property comprises an important part of the history of one of the most prominent and respected women of her generation," the landmark designation legislation reads.

Maya Angelou spent the last three decades of her life in North Carolina but spend her formative years in St. Louis.

Photo: City of St. Louis