Melissa Harris-Perry Exits MSNBC in a Blaze of Glory with a Series of Scathing Tweets

Melissa Harris-Perry was fed up after negotiations for her departure from MSNBC fell through on Tuesday. According to CNN, MHP walked away the proposed deal without accepting any money from the network because she refused to sign a non-disparagement clause.

"I'll never get another penny from MSNBC," Harris-Perry said.

Last Friday the New York Times reported details of a leaked email from Harris-Perry in which she expressed displeasure with the way network executives had handled her show. 

Since then, an executive was quoted in the Washington Post describing Harris-Perry as a "challenging and unpredictable personality."

Today, she chose to air her frustrations and relief following her exit in a series of tweets. In them she addresses Senior Vice President, Yvette Miley, and MSNBC President, Phil Griffin. 

Photo: Shahar Azran/WireImage