Marissa Alexander is Finally Free from House Arrest

Marissa Alexander is now free from house arrest.

Alexander was jailed in 2012 for firing two warning shots at her husband in Jacksonville, Florida. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and served a total of three years in prison and two years of home confinement.

She served the time as part of a plea deal she struck in 2014 while facing 60 years in prison from former state attorney Angela Corey.
Alexander's attempt to use the "Stand Your Ground" defense proved unsuccessful despite her husband's history of abuse. During her trial, Alexander testified that her ex-husband threatened to kill her before she fired a single shot. Corey argued Alexander should have left the home instead of using a firearm.

Alexander is a mother of three who has incarcerated while her youngest child was an infant.

"We are grateful to God that this chapter of Marissa's life will come to a close on January 27, 2017," Alexander and her family said in a statement posted to Facebook. "We are sincerely thankful and appreciative to all who rallied, supported and prayed for Marissa's release."

"As she enters a new chapter, with endless possibilities, we ask that you will continue to support Marissa through her non-profit organization that was established to end domestic violence and injustice in the criminal justice system, The Marissa Alexander Justice Project," the family said in the statement.

"Without you, today would not be possible," they said.