Ellen Takes "Comedy" Too Far With Nicki Minaj Sitcom Parody

Nicki Minaj recently landed a deal with ABC Family to executive produce a scripted series about her life growing up as an immigrant from Trinidad in Queens, New York. Ellen DeGeneres, who has done her share of Nicki Minaj parodies in the past, announced an "exclusive" peak at Nicki’s series.

“It was just announced that Nicki Minaj is producing a sitcom of her childhood growing up in Queens, New York,” Ellen said. “It’s not on the air yet, but I called in a favor and I was able to get us a very exclusive sneak peek. This is totally real, not something we put together as a joke.”
t, it was a joke. A pretty terrible joke that sexualizes a black girl and reduces black people to their bodies.

At the beginning of the skit, young Nicki comes down the stairs and reveals her huge butt as she bends down with her butt in the air. Her mother, father, and even her dog have the same huge butts that knock down household items and make it difficult for the family to sit on the couch together.

While Nicki's butt is something that she is known for and proud of, the business woman, award-winning rapper, and executive producer of her very own show is much more than just her body.
Ellen/Nicki Minaj SKit

Yesterday, Ellen DeGeneres aired a skit about an upcoming sitcom around Nicki Minaj's childhood. It featured a little black girl, a black woman and man with extremely large butts. Watch below, and you tell us whether you think sexualizing little black girls is okay. #SOUNDOFF

Posted by Colorlines on Tuesday, October 13, 2015
You can watch the skit here.